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About us

Gardening, growing and retailing plants, is our business.

We are a dynamic combination that brings together tens of years of industry experince.


Susan Burns.

With a life time in retail, growing and marketing plants it was my dream to be able to offer gardeners and plant lovers a true Garden Centre retail experince, online.
It is only natural that people are going to want to buy plants online and I wanted the Plant shop to be at the pointy end, of quality, range, service and advice.
We have the best Growers and Production Nurseries across Australia, our plants come straight off the production benches to you. lt really doesn't get better than that. 
With diminishing choices available for gardeners in their local nurseries, I get a real charge, that we can showcase and offer gorgeous forgotten or hard to get plant treasures
and just basic, good old true performers and garden favourites.
It's really exciting that the plant shop attracts so many new gardeners, connecting into the most wonderful hobby/occupation, in the world. Growing your own food for the table and flowers for the vase, and creating a beautiful environment to live in is unsurpassed in my opinion.

Knowing that you, our valued customers are recieving from us, full sized, professionally grown plants, upholds my strong values,
and horticultural training. If you begin with a quality plant the journey to perfection is a thousand leaves easier.

 Tim Bird

Customer experince and product quality drives my vision for The Plant Shop.
My business is built on rock and soil and I thrive on creating wonderful retail spaces for customers.
The Plant Shop allows me the chance to provide a level of sevice and puchasing opportunities for customers in the online space, in an area that is considered and known
to be the most challenging. Selling plants online and delivering to the door all over Australia.

It's fantastic that we have accomplished this and provide so many gardeners the chance to engage in a true garden centre environment.
I would love to hear from you on how we could improve and make our systems better again.