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Asparagus long lived and loved.

published at 2014-03-18 03:53:07
Asparagus will live and productively generate stalks for up to 20 years.

Enjoy an Irish Tart - Ruby Rhubarb!

published at 2014-02-11 04:13:51
My favourite Rhubarb is the Ruby Red. Our Ruby Red is sourced locally in southern NSW it consistently wins first prize for best Rhubarb in the famous Carbago show! The stems are thinner and redder than the Giant Victorious and need less sugar for cooking.

Why is it called Passion Fruit?

published at 2014-02-11 04:02:36
The Jesuit missionaries that rode along with the Conquistadors into South America in the 16th Century used the intricate design of the passion fruit flower petals to explain the story of the Crucifixion; 10 petals and sepals represented the apostles, a crown of thorns was seen in the filaments, and the five anthers represented the five wounds. The three stigmas were the nails that pierced the hands and feet of Jesus and the vine's tendrils were equated with the whips? The Passion of Christ!

Finger Limes - You've got to try them

published at 2014-02-11 03:48:43
There are several types of Finger limes in the market place, ranging in quality, colour and flavour. Rainforest pearl has ruby red skin with red & pinky, champagne coloured pearls, plump and full flavoured.

Sex and the Avocado

published at 2014-02-11 02:49:27
Female in the Morning Male in the afternoon?
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