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How fabulous is Garlic?

published at 2013-12-10 02:19:06
I know I'm not the only one in the world that loves Garlic. It's loved and used by almost everyone. If all the people that loved eating and cooking with Garlic suddenly started growing their own, instead of buying it, I do believe the world might spin off it's axis. If you have every wanted to have a little crack at "growing your own" - growing garlic is gold! It takes next to no space and it's a bit of a plant and forget thing....

Potty for Potatoes

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The potatoes we sell at the plant shop are actually grown in east Gippsland by expert and professional spud grower and collector, Alan. These specially grown seed potatoes, are virus free, which will ensure a good strong yield and that your potatoes are true to type. New potatoes can be grouped into 2 groups, floury and waxy. Floury potatoes such as coliban are best for those tasty home made chips, mash potatoes or baked potatoes. Waxy ones are better for boiling. My personal favourite is the good all rounder Desiree, you cant beat it!

Which Hazel - Choose commercial

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Commercial varieties are consistently more reliable; they produce bountiful crops, and are generally more flavoursome, easier to peel and specific to purpose.
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