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The Silver Princess Small of Stature majestic in the winter garden

Published at 2015-07-22 04:24:17
The Silver Princess is awakening!

The Silver Princess is awakening!

Her long slender limbs stretch ever so gently, as if yawning to the chill of the milky winter morning.


Eucalyptus caesia (kays see a) leans forward, comfortably straining under the weight of her full bloom.

Richly adorned her extravagant clusters of silvery dusted inverted cups explode rosy pink tentacles, hundreds of tiny eyelashes winking seductively to bee and bird.
Cloaked in her heavy winter frosting of powdery silver-grey the Princess is present and bold in the winter garden.

 Small in stature and slight of frame the Silver Princess rarely exceeds six metres. While her homeland is the southern granite country of Western Australia, her majesty reigns upon all those with a dry winter garden.

All too often the Princess stands forlornly in the garden, as she’s alone. She is a tree of tribe and group. Plant her with companions, Princesses many, allowing each to lean into the other, whispering and giggling. A beautiful winter silhouette, a contour, an outline, a small and impressive huddle of trees that at glance could turn, wave their bejewelled arms, gather up their curling minniritch bark and run into the depths of the garden.